The leave management functionality of TimeTac has arrived on our smartphone apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices!

As a solution for effective time tracking in the place of work, managing the time where employees are absent has always been a key feature of TimeTac. This is critical for when you want to plan that meeting, for ensuring that there are enough cashiers to work that busy weekend, or for managing project deadlines. Tracking time away from work is just as important as tracking time at work.

Once you have configured a few settings in the desktop application, such as an employee’s leave entitlement and entitlement renewal period, TimeTac can help to take control of your company’s leave management processes. You never need to worry about manual calculations or filing slips of paper again.

The "Leave Day Overview" screen The “Leave Day Overview” screen

Easily request absences from outside the office Easily request absences from outside the office


Employees can see their current leave entitlement in the “Leave Day Overview” screen, with a breakdown of time off that has already been requested and approved. From the “Request Absence” menu option, employees can easily request absence for a holiday; the relevant manager is automatically notified of this request, exactly as per the functionality of the desktop version of TimeTac. The smartphone benefits do not just apply to normal employees, but also to managers within your company. Incoming leave requests can be viewed and processed within the applications, keeping you in control, wherever you are.

See when colleagues in your department will be absent
Incoming requests can be obtained and processed from anywhere

Annual leave and vacation management are not the only features we have just implemented into our smartphone applications. It is now also possible to enter sickness absences, consume overtime in the form of compensatory time off and also request other leave types, such as training events or relocation leave. All of the above can be customised and adapted to match the needs of your company; contact us and we will happily discuss how to ideally implement our solution in your company.

TimeTac offers the perfect time tracking and leave management solution for your employees and organisation. Sign up for a free, 30-day trial of TimeTac today.

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