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Update of our TimeTac mobile App for Android

by Magdalena Fladl, 20.04.2021

We have improved our TimeTac mobile app for Android for you and released the new version of the app last week. In the process, we looked at how our users use the app in their everyday work, which functions they need most, and whether they can find them quickly and efficiently. The goal was to design the app in a way so that you can work efficiently with it. Discover the first steps we've taken in version 3.20 to make the app even more user-friendly for you.


We Optimize the Usability of Our Apps

As a part of usability studies, we look at the user experience of our products and services. Among other things, we look in detail at how you use TimeTac in the various formats – desktop app, web version, and mobile in your everyday work. Our goal here is to continually improve the interaction with our products for you in order to make their use as efficient as possible. In doing so, we focus entirely on the needs of our users.

What Is User Experience? Why Does It Matter?

UX (User Experience) is a very broad concept, ‘encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.’ In our case, we talk about the full experience a customer goes through to be able to track their work, using the TimeTac mobile app. This involves learning about the app, setting it up and using it throughout the workday. Factors that influence this ‘journey’ through our service depend on your language, your product configuration, your role inside an organisation, and many more factors.

Update of the TimeTac Mobile App for Android

We started by improving the mobile app and analyzing how our users use the app for mobile time tracking and leave management in their daily work. Which features do they use the most? Can they easily find the functions they need most in the app or do they have to search for a long time until they find them? Are all the functions labeled in a way our users can understand?

Our research showed that parts of the app are heavily used, while others receive less attention. Users also found it difficult in some cases to get to functions in the app that you just needed. We then conducted interviews to determine the “right” order of menu items for our users. We also decided on a new control element – a table bar at the bottom of the screen – to make navigating the app more efficient and to make frequently used functions easy to find.

What’s New

In the first part of our update, we focused on the user interface (UI) and usability and made some design changes.

  • Stability and performance improvement
  • A new menu: We updated the app’s navigation. Now you’re able to access the most needed features in a tab bar, directly at the bottom of the app. All other areas can be accessed via the “More” tab at the bottom right.
  • The new menu also eliminates the need for the “Quick Menu” in the Dashboard, so we removed it.
  • Holiday Planner is now called Absences: The ‘Holiday Planner’ is the place where you manage all types of absences, not just leave days. Since that led to confusion, we have renamed it to “Absences”.
  • en-android-release-2021-screen

    What to Expect

    As we continue to run usability studies, we work to continuously improve the most common problems and pitfalls in our apps whether it’s how to choose the right task for live tracking or manage requests from employees.


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