Managing complex projects demands the know-how of several employees and organised teams; project tasks must also be thoroughly planned and procedures coordinated. However, this is where things can often go wrong, because a lack of organisation with project management is not uncommon in most businesses. Nevertheless, many companies rely on team work, which is why the following tips have been put together to help you master project milestones successfully in your team.

Sensible Team Building

Successful team work begins with team building. A lack or an overhang of members is neither helpful nor effective; a team should ultimately have as many members as required, but the least amount possible. Moreover, complex projects demand competencies ranging from many specialised subjects; a successful team can only function when its members are equipped with technical knowledge and are able to bring their own personal qualities to the team.

Emotional Level

Successful team work also needs to be considered on an emotional level; all members need to feel accepted and as if their role in the team is valued, even if different opinions are shared. Save yourself from time wasting team discussions by taking advantage of the individuality and competence of each team member. In addition, to avoid an unfair workload distribution in your team, it is important to make sure everybody is allocated roles and tasks in advance. If the group is based on mutual support, then efficient project management should not become an obstacle.

Communication and Transparency

Communication and transparency are key to project success. In order to meet agreements and keep on top with the decision making, regular meetings are essential! Short private talks will ensure more transparency in your team and thanks to web 2.0, communication should also be no problem for businesses that offer workers flexitime. However, it is important that you have as much personal contact with your colleagues as possible, so that any potential misunderstandings are avoided!

Project Aims are the Way to Success

The basic fact is that progress cannot be made when no aims are set. Clear aims are SMART: specific, measurable, attractive, realistic and terminable. Project milestones are also useful, so set in advance the expected amount of time required for each task as this will help keep team members focused on achieving an outcome. Moreover, all aims should be written out so that each team member has access to them at any time they require.

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