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How To Stay Productive During The Summer

by Magdalena Fladl, 04.08.2017

At times, it can be hard to stay focused and be productive at work during summer. Missing deadlines, distraction and stress on yourself result. How can you boost your motivation during summer time and stay focused during working hours?

6 Tips On How To Stay Productive

Take Regular Breaks

A structured working schedule helps you staying productive at work. Working throughout the whole day tires the brain. Regular breaks are necessary for your brain to reset and relax before continuing work.

Balance Your Workload

Almost every employee is wasting their first hour of work every morning. Checking e-mails and setting up your computer easily takes you an hour. Stop wasting your time! Take your time to prepare a to-do list every Monday before you start with a task. It is important to give yourself a realistic set of tasks to get through. You can break projects into smaller tasks and plan out a schedule and deadlines for each task. Make sure you do your work well – it takes much more effort having to revise the work over and over again instead of doing it well it the first place.

Put Your Work First

You must learn that it is important to help others out when they need your help with a task, but you are paid to do your own work. Make sure you don’t neglect your work because someone is trying to push off some of their work onto you.

Schedule email checking

Checking e-mails usually take up a lot of time and result in distraction and losing productivity. The best way to avoid that is to schedule time frames where you check your e-mails. If you check your e-mails when you get to work in the morning and then 3 hours later it will limit your time spent on checking and replying and you will get a lot more work done without being distracted.

Be optimistic

A negative outlook on life affects your productivity at work as well. It is important to start your day right in order to get work done, stay focused and not to lose motivation. Start your day with a healthy breakfast and get outside every once in a while to get fresh air and daylight. Happiness is the key to productivity and success. Make sure you don’t schedule too many tasks and set yourself realistic goals.


One Task At A Time

Especially with projects problems occur when scheduling tasks. Make sure you concentrate on one task and finish it before you go on to the next one. Trying to work through several tasks at once can end up in confusion and you won’t be able to do your work well. Multitasking might seem more productive but in fact it isn’t. Dividing your projects into tasks helps you be more organized as well.

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