Track Time spent working with Clients and on Projects in your Agency

  • Know precisely how much time was spent per client or project
  • Track time from desktop computers, smartphones and more
  • Assign cost and revenue rates per employee or project
  • Produce accurate reports for invoicing clients
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... an international advertising agency, we are, above all, very pleased with the reliability and location-independent availability of TimeTac. Our employees can time track everywhere ...

Record employee attendance as well as time spent on tasks

Employees can track their working time against specific projects and tasks, which can then be assigned to certain clients. Know exactly how much time each activity has taken.

The perfect overview with the specific data you need

All time tracking data can be evaluated in your browser. See graphical representations of statistics and detailed reports which can be customised with several filters. All data is exportable for invoicing clients or to do with as you wish.


Not just tracking your current working time

Our leave management solution and department calendars help you plan the optimal time for meetings and ensure you have the availability leading up to that crucial deadline.

Keep an eye on those costs and revenue streams

Assign cost and revenue rates to specific projects and tasks. Know exactly where the money comes and goes on each activity; you can even assign such rates to specific employees.

What can TimeTac offer your agency?

Employee Time Tracking

Time and attendance tracking. Arrival, departure and break times can be recorded via an array of devices. Produce working time reports and department statistics.

Project Time Tracking

Employees record their time spent on specific projects and tasks for clients; the ideal solution for agencies. Ideal for knowing on which activities your time and money is spent.

Leave Management

Avoid planning meetings when employees are absent. An intuitive system for request and approving annual leave, compensation overtime and much more. The integrated workflow keeps all employees informed.