Motivation Drought in the Home Office

With the surge towards independence and self-determination, ever more employees are shifting their workplace to within their own four walls. Flexible working hours, no time consuming commuting to the workplace […]

With the surge towards independence and self-determination, ever more employees are shifting their workplace to within their own four walls. Flexible working hours, no time consuming commuting to the workplace and the perfect opportunity to place profession and family under the one roof. What more could you want? The ideal home office can quickly run into trouble however. The problem is quite obvious: the homely environment suggests a feeling of freedom to us. Flexible working times progressively push us towards procrastination. If the question at the end of the day is “What have I actually completed today?” … then we have succumbed to bad habits and a lack of productivity. What’s lacking from the home office? Easy – a large portion of motivation!

Create that Workplace-Feeling

The golden rule for motivation in the home office: Search for the optimum workplace layout to give your home a “work” feeling. A separate office is ideal. This will help put us in the mood to work, more so than the sight of a comfortable couch. For the necessary push towards productivity, provide yourself with sufficient working equipment and a degree of order; congestion on the desk may cause congestion in the head. Instead of remaining in lazy attire, you need to attend the home office in business clothing. Resultantly, morale and motivation will follow suit.

Create your Work Tempo

Flexitime in the home office is motivation killer number 1. Commit yourself to moving between home and work, despite all the freedoms that a home office gives to an individual. Whether you want to work in the conventional 9 to 5 model, prefer smaller bites, or working late into the evening; they are all a question of personality. Whichever way, try to maintain the rhythm of work. Don’t forget breaks: the sight of a tasty meal for lunch creates motivation and productivity for the afternoon!

Home-Field Advantage

In the home office, you can usually do and be whatever you want, as long as the workload is met. Utilize this home advantage! What spurs your motivation on? An ice cream as a reward after completing the task, or music and a slab of chocolate during those vile cost calculations? Also remember to utilize your peak productivity points; some even find this to be just before midnight! Whether night owl or music aficionado, ice cream reveler or chocolate lover – do what you must to make the workload easier.

Communication for Motivation

The human is a social animal. Communication in the home office is the Alpha and Omega, and that’s not just because colleagues don’t see you that often. Interpersonal relationships also help motivate colleagues to communicative effectively between workplaces, so pick up the phone, or dare to walk into the old-school office now and then, and share a few details about current projects. The gained information or criticisms will inspire. Let colleagues know when you have completed tasks and sub-tasks as you’re always pressed for time.

Think Differently

Procrastination holding you back regularly and stopping motivation in its tracks? The evil can be converted using a small trick in the working environment… turn the procrastination around! Take it upon yourself to complete a personal task that you really dread, but must be done. What the task may be, only you can decide. For some it’s cleaning out the cellar, for others it’s the thought of going to the gym. Ta-dah! You’ve brushed away the procrastination whilst simultaneously making the original work task seem more appealing… never has killing two birds with one stone been more apt.

System of Organization

For the successful execution of tasks; content and time targets are crucial. Sub-tasks and deadlines pave the way to the project target and also encourage motivation. Without a focus in the home office, time will pass you by with limited productivity; utilizing cloud based software for project planning is ideal. TimeTac allows you to define tasks and deadlines for your projects. A glance at the to-do list and deadlines spur motivation and productive work from the home office will only increase.