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5 Simple ways to make your meetings more productive

Employees spend 35% to 50% of their workweeks in meetings. A lot of time which leaves little time to work on projects or think strategically. Research shows that 67% of surveyed workers say that fewer than half of the meetings they attend are worth the time. A collaboration overload and unproductive meetings cost a lot of money. Find here 5 ways to make your meetings more productive:

21.11.2016 Reading time: 4 min
How to make a workplace more human: The power of social recognition.

Workplaces are often not structured to honor, support or encourage the humanity we bring to the office. Forward-thinking organisations need to start treating employees as people, not as “human capital”. How can companies inspire their people to achieve their fullest potential? Find out here...

07.11.2016 Reading time: 4 min
Employee Engagement Focus 2016

As more and more companies look to build a more engaged workforce, workspaces become more and more important. They seekto design great workspaces, provide flexible benefits and create great corporate cultures to drive higher engagement. But, what are the key elements that drive engagement today? Check out 6 ways how companies can create great engaging […]

31.10.2016 Reading time: 5 min
High overtime level is expensive. What you can do to curtail your overtime hours.

Overtime hours means high costs and research has shown the negative effect of working overtime on employee health and productivity. Below you can find five negative effects of working high levels of overtime and we reveal how you can solve them.

17.10.2016 Reading time: 4 min
Teamwork without Limits – 7 Tips for Work Cooperation over Different Time Zones

More and more employees from the same company are working in different time zones. Whether it is due to business trips or for private reasons, the distance is making work cooperation more difficult. Based on our own experience, we have put together 7 tips to help you ensure better work cooperation over different time zones.

30.09.2016 Reading time: 3 min
Communication – The 3 Biggest Killers of Flexitime

Work as you wish: it does not matter where or when. My first experience with flexitime is that it releases a feeling of freedom, but when reality comes into play it can be quite annoying. Most difficulties are due to communication, or the lack of it.

14.09.2016 Reading time: 5 min
The Essential Toolbox for Home Office

We have all thought about which tools we should have in our arsenal once we have chosen the right computer, but listed below are some tools we find essential for any computer.

31.08.2016 Reading time: 3 min
Does your personal time clock have an impact on your time management?

The rhythm of your personal time clock has a significant impact on how much you accomplish during your working day. Here are a few tips on how to figure out your body rhythms and how to use your energy more successfully.

24.08.2016 Reading time: 3 min
Work More Efficiently and Improve Productivity by 7 Times in Only 7 Minutes

Calendar organised, email account sorted, to do list written but you still don't seem to be getting anywhere? Then read our seven tricks and be prepared to see drastic improvements!

17.08.2016 Reading time: 3 min
Trend Workation: Co-Working on Vacation

What is the meaning of the term and the concept? Workation includes the two words “work” and “vacation”. The New York Times perfectly described it in a nutshell as “A desk in Paradise”, where co-working with living in exotic locations are blended together. You could also call it businessperson’s holiday for the digital age.

10.08.2016 Reading time: 3 min
Selftest: Location Independent Working– Do You Have What It Takes?

Some of us are just not equipped for a life outside the office – whoever dreams of more than a 9-to-5 job and a mobile working place needs the right skills and abilities for it. Three of the most important competencies which you need for location independent working and three “not to be taken too […]

08.08.2016 Reading time: 4 min
Self-Management and Reducing Stress after a Vacation

A sunny vacation is known to be the ultimate cure for stress relief; we are able to relax and enjoy the sun while embracing a new culture. It is only on returning home that we become overwhelmed with thoughts about how much paperwork and catching up awaits us once we return to our desk. We […]

17.05.2016 Reading time: 5 min
Tips to Avoid Stress before going on Vacation

Desks are piled high with to-dos, colleagues are hurrying around the office stressed, everybody is in urgent need of feedback and it’s only 9:30am! This typical scene is what most of us experience before a well-deserved vacation. However, the anticipation and excitement of a long awaited holiday can soon be overshadowed by stress when on-going […]

03.05.2016 Reading time: 3 min
Planning Advice for Time Management at a Glance

Fact 1: Our brains work like a sieve. Fact 2: In order to fill the holes, somebody invented the pen and the calendar and the Smartphone and, and, and. No wonder our time planning sometimes gets out of hand! Whoever wants to avoid having bits of paper everywhere is wise to carefully choose their planning […]

19.04.2016 Reading time: 3 min
Working & Daily Life: the Best Motivation Tricks to Spice up Your Routine

Everyone has at some point experienced those first feelings of excitement that arise when beginning a new job, but unfortunately for most of us, those feelings disappear as time passes and are replaced with feelings of endless boredom. The strain of everyday life begins to take its toll on our once overflowing level of motivation […]

05.04.2016 Reading time: 5 min
Finally, Flexible Working!

Staying at home with a sick child without having to take a vacation day. Going to medical appointments without worrying about arriving at the office late. Gardening while you can in the nice weather outside. You don’t have to be a part-time employee to enjoy such benefits. A new flexible working time model is here: […]

22.03.2016 Reading time: 4 min
Motivation Drought in the Home Office

With the surge towards independence and self-determination, ever more employees are shifting their workplace to within their own four walls. Flexible working hours, no time consuming commuting to the workplace and the perfect opportunity to place profession and family under the one roof. What more could you want? The ideal home office can quickly run […]

08.03.2016 Reading time: 4 min
Work-Life Balance: Tips for a Balance of Social Life, Family and Career

Career success, good friends, physically fit, a happy family: we want them all. The reality doesn’t look quite as rosy however. Tremendous time pressure and workload provide reasoning for overtime. The problem is finding time – for ourselves, our family and our friends. In the long run, the lack of time makes us unhappy, demotivated […]

23.02.2016 Reading time: 4 min
Top 10 Time Management Resolutions for 2016

The start of the New Year is only just behind us, so have you thought about how you can better use your time this year? You probably have a rough idea in your head, or even a long list of numerous resolutions as to how you can improve your time management from the previous year. […]

09.02.2016 Reading time: 4 min
Home Office: How to Convince your Manager

So you think you’re ready to work from the home office? Unfortunately it’s rarely your choice to make such decisions. How you can convince your colleagues and managers to allow you to work from the home office, and to ensure that they don’t regret that decision once you’re there is what we are going to discuss! […]

26.01.2016 Reading time: 6 min