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Time Management As A Key To Success

Are you usually on time or running late? Do you finish tasks within the period stipulated? Are you able to accomplish your goals set? Do you constantly feel like you’re behind? But the most important question is: Are you a good time manager? Here’s why time management is of great importance and how managing your time efficiently can help you to be more productive at work.

Where does the time go? – Why and how employees are wasting time at work

We get distracted, we keep chatting with colleagues and it’s hard to stay focused and organized - We are wasting too much time at work.  This is not only a question of leadership quality but also a question of efficient time management and project planning. How can we make sure we plan and spend our time at work efficiently?

Will Technology Make Us or Break Us?

“Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended.” When we think about technology and what impact it has on our lives we most likely come to different conclusions. Some might think technology will solve every problem in our lives while others fear that technology will destroy us.

Time To Be Productive – A Successful End Of The Year

As the days get shorter and colder we are facing the most beautiful but busiest time of the year. It surely is hard to stay focused and productive during such a busy time, but we are always expected to produce great results. What can you do to set yourself up for a productive and well-organized season?

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How Leadership 4.0 Will Evolve In The Future World Of Work

The current culture of leadership styles, characterized by power positions and leadership hierarchies, is outdated. Future leadership must renounce an authoritarian style of leadership. But what is Leadership 4.0 and why do you need to know about it?

Make Every Second Count – How Time Tracking Can Benefit Your Business

Isn't it time for you to reflect whether your time is spent well or not? Find out why both, personally and business-wise, tracking time is of great importance and how it can benefit your business in many ways.

Ryanair: Absence Management Issues Result In Cancelling 2100 Flights

Another proof that Leave Management is of great importance: 2100 flights have been cancelled! The Irish airline RYANAIR cancels thousands of flights due to personnel and air traffic control issues, after admitting that they “messed up” at planning pilot holidays.

Social Media and the World of Business – How to stay professional

The workplace landscape has been changing. Social Media platforms give you access to pretty much every information you need to know about someone before hiring them. How can we stay professional in the business world where the influence of social media has been increasing?

Workplace Stress – Tips on how to deal with stress in a healthy way

Even if you love what you do, everyone has to experience work-related stress at some point in their career. Stress has various origins. Here are the most common sources of stress and how to deal with stress at your workplace.

Mistakes At Work – 3 Tips On How To Deal With Mistakes

Whether you messed up a task or you showed a certain behavior that puts a negative light on you - mistakes can happen any time. More important is how you react and deal with them. Here are the tips on what to avoid at work and how to react.

How To Stay Productive During The Summer

At times, it can be hard to stay focused and be productive at work during summer. Missing deadlines, distraction and stress on yourself result. How can you boost your motivation during summer time and stay focused during working hours?

Taking Time Off – Are we expected to be available at any time?

Taking your time off and being able to fully relax and revive is important for your work-life balance - but are we able to completely disconnect from work while on vacation? Is it okay not to be available during our well-deserved vacation time and what is expected from us when we leave work?

The importance of teamwork – How to be an appreciated member of the team

Teamwork is of great importance in order to achieve success. As beneficial as teamwork is, being part of a team often involves dealing with conflicts and challenges. Here are some ideas on how to become a highly valued member of the team and how to deal with conflicts.

Why your projects fail – How to avoid project meltdown

There are many reasons why projects fail. Companies often find pitfalls with projects due to poor planning, misunderstanding financials and ignoring risk management. Here are some ideas on how to avoid them and, if you are already in one, how you can climb out of it.

Organizational effectiveness: Time Management for increasing workforce productivity

The key to success is a smart management of scarce resources. However, financial capital is no longer among one of them. According to Michael Mankins and Eric Garton, experts in organizational effectiveness and design of Bain & Company, the truly scarce resources nowadays are time, talent and the energy of the people in your organization. They state that these resources are too often squandered and there is plenty of advice about ...

How professional services firms avoid losing billable hours

Professional services firms concede that a few billable hours fall through the cracks. But in fact the amount of time lost is a little more than you thought. In our current article we show you 3 ways professional services firms lose billable hours and how to prevent potential revenue leakage:

How to manage your employees who work from home

Work from home is on the rise: According to a report by Gallup “State of the American Workplace”, last year 43 % of the American workers, rising from 39% in 2012, spent significant time working from home. On average, the typical telecommuter is 49 years old, earns an annual salary of $58.000 and works for a company with more than 100 employees. 75% of employees who work from ...

Job sharing: One full-time job divided into two

Job sharing means, one job splitted into two. It is an alternative form of flexible working. It offers employers as well as employees a range of benefits and could be an option that provides full-time positions through part-time work. Find out what job sharing can offer to your employees and company and how to implement job sharing successfully.

How to keep overtime costs down

Overtime ranks as one of the biggest ongoing expenses for most companies. Managing correctly overtime helps to avoid expensive lawsuits, low morale, and helps you stay conform with changes in overtime regulations. But how can you manage overtime more effectively to protect your employees and your company? These five tips will help you avoid the greatest pitfalls and unnecessary surprises.

Effective conflict management for teams

Conflict can be positive and productive. But your team members have to be prepared to appreciate different opinions and adopt fair and open communication. Read on to learn how to avoid negative conflict which is destructive and disruptive.