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17Jun 2015

Mrs. Jones has a bigger office; Mr. Smith has a bigger pay check: comparisons amongst employees in the workplace can be poisonous – and a breeding ground for conflict! The frustrating feeling doesn’t just emerge with colleagues, but also with the boss. Suddenly, a small conflict in the workplace has become a threat to our career. […]

04Jun 2015

W-LAN, Smartphones, Tablets, Social Networks and Cloud Computing as far as the eye can see. We have quietly moved towards becoming technology gurus, with statuses rarely differentiating from “Online.” It doesn’t matter where we are, when the sun goes to bed or who we are with; technological progress has us in its grasp and even […]

10May 2015

Not everyone wants to travel the world for their holiday. The drain on savings, finding the will to pack and last-minute organizational chaos? Whether makeshift or desired: a holiday at home should be at the top of the list! Even if holidays away from home appear to promise more relaxation – staycations save a considerable amount […]

28Apr 2015

Managing complex projects demands the know-how of several employees and organised teams; project tasks must also be thoroughly planned and procedures coordinated. However, this is where things can often go wrong, because a lack of organisation with project management is not uncommon in most businesses. Nevertheless, many companies rely on team work, which is why […]