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04Feb 2016

So you think you’re ready to work from the home office? Unfortunately it’s rarely your choice to make such decisions. How you can convince your colleagues and managers to allow you to work from the home office, and to ensure that they don’t regret that decision once you’re there is what we are going to discuss! […]

12Jan 2016

One of the major flexible working debates within recent years was Yahoo preventing employees from working in the home office. BestBuy followed suit shortly after, but many prominent figures and companies, such as Richard Branson and Vodafone, spoke out against the decision. This article will show you how you can effectively work from a home office, and more importantly, the essential […]

29Dec 2015

Only working four days a week – a dream of many. But can it work without a loss of earnings? Yes it can. The four day week implies spreading a typical five day job over four days; so for a 40 hour week, this would equate to working 10 hours a day. On which days the work […]

15Dec 2015

Everyone knows the concept of “burnout” – the illness of top bosses and the stars. For many workers, it’s quite the opposite: too little to do or the feeling of being unchallenged – Boreout! Most individuals don’t even recognize that they have such a syndrome as they develop a behavioural strategy of believing they always have tasks […]