Time tracking software is a great invention that eases the life of employers and employees. Despite numerous pleased users, there are lots of employees who oppose their work time being tracked, which is often the result of lack of information. Read about the most common misunderstandings and find out the truth about the purpose and use of time tracking systems.

Time tracking software monitors how you do your work

For some employees, the word “monitoring” has negative connotations. They feel someone is constantly watching and documenting their work methods and criticises their smallest mistakes. In fact, this would be a waste of time – no one would implement a time tracking solution for finding employee faults.

On the contrary, time tracking is a very helpful tool in spotting and fixing any disorders within the workload. It allows to track down busy or otherwise bored employees and it redistributes the tasks in between the two categories. This optimizes the workload and at the same time creates a healthy office atmosphere.

Time tracking is used for employee spying purposes

In many cases, employees are very hostile to a time tracking solution as they consider it a spy software. They are scared of their privacy. In fact, no legal time tracking tool collects sensitive information. Additionally, spy software is always invisible to the user, whereas time trackers are working explicitly. Many tools offer you the option to pause time tracking, which leaves plenty of room for privacy.

On the other side, some of the employee fears are quite real – such software shows how much time is being spent on non-work related activities. It also shows the most common “time eaters” and distractions. The purpose of such a software is not to find a “ guilty” person and punish him, but on the contrary find an effective way to optimize time management and boost your productivity. For example, some employees don´t know where their time goes and why they tend to fail deadlines. In this case, a time tracking software would be very helpful.

Time tracking software is just another chore

Many employees may think that a time tracking tool is similar to traditional timesheets and only used for bureaucratic reasons, as well as a great waste of time, which causes additional costs. Infact, a time tracking software is there to simplify your work routine gin a user-friendly manner . You can easily start and stop your time tracking with a few clicks, which saves you precious time and helps you focus on performance.

In addition, it helps you perform error-free and accurately. A Software for time tracking does not only save you a lot of time, but also helps you overview your employees and projects on your web-browser and in real time.Therefore, you can solve any problems and glitches within your workload – just in time before these arise.

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