Tracking work time in TimeTac makes it easy for you to manage your payroll accounting. The add-on for payroll accounting together with the individual working time models has the flexibility to respond to any individual requirements outlined in your company.

Below is a screenshot of payroll accounting in TimeTac:

payroll accounting online made easy with timetac

The add-on for payroll accounting in TimeTac presents you with a clear overview of all tracked times recorded by your employees. In addition to the tracking of work time, overtime is automatically calculated in the software with respect to the working time model allocated to each employee. If an employee does not track their attendance in TimeTac then this data can be automatically transferred into the software with use of the allocated working time model.

A workflow component ensures that all tracked times made by an employee in the software can be firstly checked and confirmed by them before final submission to a manager.

The advantages of payroll accounting in TimeTac include:

  • One click accounting of working hours relating to projects, tasks and customer-related activities.
  • Efficient follow-up checks and corrections ensure fewer mistakes
  • Easily make use of the tracked working time for payroll accounting
  • Integrated working time models and workflows ensure quick processing