The sun finds it difficult to break through the thick clouds and the days are becoming ever shorter. Nature looks forlorn. Everything is grey and dull. Lots of people sink with a lack of motivation, feeling weary and dejected.

The mental cliff drop begins with the change of summer to autumn, and doesn’t turn around until spring. One of the most prominent indicators is avolition, or a lack of drive. The atmosphere drops out of the sky, you feel weary and have an increased desire to stay in bed. The main cause for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is light deficiency. The body resultantly releases less of the happy hormone, serotonin.

So how can you avoid SAD and grasp your lack of drive by the scruff of the neck?

  • Walk in the fresh air daily, even if the weather is unbearably cold, wet and dull. Overcome your inner being and spend at least half an hour a day in the great outdoors. The body will absorb the sunlight and serotonin deployment will boost.
  • Beware of your diet. Even if your desire steers towards something sweet, try to trick your body out of winter depression. Eat plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and a low-calorie diet. You can have a few pieces of chocolate now and then, as sweets contain substances which can aid serotonin production. A little tip: dark chocolate is healthier and doesn’t put on weight as quick.
  • Bring colour into play. Cheerful colours are medicine for the soul. Put a multicoloured bunch of flowers in the living room or objects of bright yellow, orange or red. These colours are guaranteed to brighten your mood and prevent SAD from building inside the home.
  • Dig your fragrant oil burner out of the cellar and fill the room with scents of jasmine, rose or bergamot. These fragrances give you joy, relaxation and energy, and provoke memories and images in your mind of the summer gone by.
  • Escape the everyday. Use the long weekends to relax. Visit a thermal bath (or spa) and enjoy the warm water, massages and sauna. Utilize your evenings by taking lengthy baths, playing relaxing music and drinking a cup of tea.
  • The first snowflakes fall – don’t fret about it. Snow reflects sunlight and ensures a brighter day. Go skiing or become a child once again and throw a snowball or two. After the cold, treat yourself to a glühwein or mulled wine to warm yourself up.
  • The first Christmas market is already open?! Come on, let’s go! Stroll around the Christmas markets in the evenings when it’s already dusk or dark. You can be in awe of the lights and the Christmas scents will certainly excite your inner child.

Do you consider the cold, dreary season a bit differently now? Good! We wish you lots of luck with our tips on overcoming winter depression/SAD. If the winter blues ever catch up with you, think of the saying: “The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”