All employee settings in one glimpse, in one place: welcome to the new user authorization centre from TimeTac. As of now, you can access the user settings of all employees in one, convenient menu. Under Settings > User Settings > User Administration, you will see the relevant settings of your employees, from the allocation of a username to automatic overtime regulations.

Not only is it an improvement to the visibility of these settings, but the registration of new users is now even easier. As before, you can create an employee with just a click (1) or by importing an existing user list (2). However, what is new is the ability to copy users (3), copying all settings to use as a template, such as the working time model (4). The advantage? You only need to adapt the smallest array of settings, such as username and password. Simply click on save (5) to confirm your selection.

The new User Authorization menu in TimeTac
Screen 1

Detailed view of Time Management: Working Time Model

Screen 2
You will find the following settings in the new user authorization menu (dependent on product version and account configuration:

  • User Data
  • Access and Identification
  • Contact Details
  • Core Details
  • Time Management: Working Time Model
  • Time Management: Overtime Fixed Rate, All In
  • Leave Management
  • Permissions
  • Finance, Cost Accounting

The new, central user authorization replaces all the previous settings that were split over various menu options. A comprehensive, integrated help menu will help you understand all the user detail configuration possibilities.