TimeTac Mobile App

Our iOS app has just gone live and our Android app has got even better! Why restrict yourself to the office computer when working on the move, meeting clients and hosting exhibitions are part of the modern business routine? Don’t worry about missing a billable minute! The TimeTac app is there to cater for your every need, allowing you to check in with a simple press of a button.

Wherever you are, you can conveniently launch the dedicated TimeTac app to access all your projects and tasks. Simply select the task you want and time will start recording. Working abroad? No Signal? Don’t worry! The dedicated app has offline capability as well; just record your working times as normal and the data will automatically sync the next time a connection is established.

The new and updated app versions feature some impressive new additions. Check your working hours for the day, week, month or more with the new “Show Timestamps” feature. Under pressure before a meeting? Got out of bed late? The new “Add Timestamp” function allows you to record times at a later date, just as you can from a desktop computer! Don’t worry about missing an appointment either. The newly incorporated “Show Bookings” feature allows you to recall all the future bookings you made from your desktop computer; your own personal assistant for work on the move. Now a little treat for the managers out there; bring your “Running Tasks” menu with you and keep an eye on employee productivity in just a glimpse!

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