The start of the New Year is only just behind us, so have you thought about how you can better use your time this year?

You probably have a rough idea in your head, or even a long list of numerous resolutions as to how you can improve your time management from the previous year.

The following slides provide an insight into the essential criteria for efficient time management with regards to your working routine, project management and holiday planning. Here’s to getting back on the right track for 2016!

Your Top 10 Time Management Resolutions from TimeTac GmbH
  • Go on holiday without being contactable and avoid contact with smartphones, laptops and the internet in general. C-Level Managers are an exception, but this should only be in critical scenarios. Don’t forget to inform friends, colleagues and clients well in advance of your absence.
    Leave Management
  • Don’t stress yourself out. Sounds easier than it is. Don’t believe that you have to complete everything: delegate tasks which appear to leave you grasping for a life ring or those which actually should be done by someone more relevant to the task at hand.
  • Let your creativity run free by using the right tools and methods to achieve your working goals.
    Creativity Techniques
  • Reduce e-mail influx. Labels, folders, unsubscribe. Get it together.
  • Productive. Not just busy. Pushing papers from one side of the desk to the other doesn’t imply productivity. Ensure that your time is spent completing the task and not just occupying your time.
    Employee Time Tracking
  • Effectively organise and delegate working time. Know how your day should go. Plan your time accordingly with realistic estimates and use these targets as your motivation to get things done.
  • Bye Bye Multitasking. Concentrate on getting the task done and swiftly move onto the next. Focusing on multiple tasks at once will only slow down your progress and taking longer to cross that event off the to-do list only dampens motivation.
  • Break down project goals into small milestones. Small milestones give you more reasons to “self-five” yourself and give you a little motivational boost. Milestones also allow you to track progress and give an informative insight as to the current stage of your task or project.
    Project Time Tracking
  • Stick to your own example. Lead by example with your best practice ideas. Others will look to you as an example of how to get the job done, intrinsically motivating you and spurring them on to keep up.
  • Effective self-management. Before time has you in its grasp, ensure you have a grasp of time. Effective time management is above all, managing yourself efficiently and effectively.
    Time Tracking